How to Learn Guitar by Yourself

Learn Online·         Choose a systematic online guitar course


There are many  “How to Learn Guitar by Yourself” videos on the internet. But not all these courses will help you to get the best out of your self-training. You can get to Youtube and get chords for playing any major song. While the videos are fun, they can easily slow down your progress. Understand that there is no practice when you move from one video to another looking for practice lessons, it completely inhibits your progress in developing foundational skills in guitar playing.

Therefore, to learn how to play guitar by yourself, you need to apply due diligence in searching for the best course that suits your needs. It is also good to seek advice from people who have self-taught to get the most relevant course that suits your specific needs.

Besides you can get a Skype instructor who can take you in step by step learning. Online guitar lessons are the best suited for anybody who wants to learn guitar on their own. Practice Proper Finger Drills

Learning a guitar is not just a brain activity. Muscle memory is also used to implement whatever the brain wants to do. The only way the neuromuscular connection is formed is when you repeat the same finger motions over and over. Most of the guitar playing reflexes rely on neuromuscular development.

Learning to play guitar fast requires hacking the brain and enjoying the learning process. At the same time, Relevance in guitar learning is a vital factor when doing your sessions. Not every drill will contribute to mastering the required skills. Therefore you must be able to select the best exercises that will build muscle memory and speed learning. Proper exercises help the learner master the progressions faster and memorize the chords with ease.

·         Practice the problem areas

Most people have a tendency of spending most time practicing the songs we already know. We end up spending the whole practice session repeating the same song and stopping to start again the moment we stumble. With such practice we end up ignoring our “problem areas” and just practicing what we’ve already mastered

You will only gain neuromuscular memorization of those problem areas by drilling them and taking your practice time mastering them.

·         Play Your songs Backward

Sometimes your brain can predict how the music needs to sound. We easily get in a rush at this level and can play songs comfortably. Playing music backward is a skill that will help you focus on the technique and muscle memory. Spend most of your practice time playing actual songs

·         Practice and practice!

Most time people say they don’t have time for practice. That need not be the case. Make the guitar part of your life. Let it be always at an easily accessible place like a couch, where you can pick it up and do two or three short minute practice sessions.  If you want to learn how to teach yourself guitar, make playing the guitar be as easy and often as getting on Facebook or watching TV.